SR Adoro is a new veneering composite. This material exhibits true-to-nature opalescence and high translucency. The material can be used to fabricate exceptionally aestheticnatural looking metal supportedetal free, and removable partial restorations. Indicated for veneering of metal supported restorations, anterior crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers.

Inlay, Onlay
Single crowns
Implant superstructures (Single Crown Only)

Basic Rules

  • Preparation of crowns: circular chamfer/shoulder with rounded inner edges. The width of the chamfer/shoulder should be at least 0.8 mm
  • Inlay/onlay preparation: Do not prepare slice-cut or feather edge margins.
  • Avoid sharp edges and angles to prevent stress and to facilitate placement.
  • Defect-oriented preparation is possible in conjunction with an adhesive cementation technique.
  • If the restoration is seated in the adhesive cementation technique, the preparation margins should be supragingival or level with the gingival margins to ensure optimum application of the adhesive.
  • Strictly observe the necessary minimum wall thickness in order to ensure suitable stability of the restoration
  • Complete the preparation with even reduction and maintain the anatomical contours