About Rajas Dental Lab
The market is changing. Customers are educated and more demanding. They need quality prosthesis. They love it more if it is made with safe material at a modern lab with the state-of-the art facilities. You can be assured of host of choices and the best products in the world. World's master technicians frequently fly down to our Lab to train our staff. Mind it; the top management of the firm are ace dental technicians themselves. If you have not experienced Rajas yet, don't wait anymore. We promise you the best.

About Us

Started by Dr. Rajan.K.K in 1990, today Rajas Dental lab is the largest lab in India. Dr. Rajan.K.K, a master technician and a perfectionist to the core built the 50,000 sq.ft state-of-the art modern laboratory. He went around the world, trained with the latest technology, brought material and machinery. Under the strict supervision and guidance of the techno savvy brothers, it is ensured that only the best product comes out of the lab.

Our Mission

We focus on five initiatives: Material quality: We will never compromise on material quality to beat competion. Patient safety: is our priority and guiding principle Latest technology: Our aim is to give you the best in the world Dedicated individual care: An army of marketing executives and customer care executive on toes to ensure it 24/7 Positive people management: We believe in bringing positive changes in other's life.

Latest News
It is our desire to provide you dental care that can enhance the quality of your life, Keeping in mind that oral health reflects general health our vision is to promote dental wellness a concept which we aim to achieve through delivering high quality dental lab specialist dental care in and around tamilnadu with emphasis on integrated, comprehensive and inter disciplinary approach to dental health needs.

A friendly ambience, comfortable timings, convenient location, world class dental equipments, stringent quality control, best sterilization, competent and friendly dentists, reassuring staff and services at affordable rates makes sure to bring the best in your smile.