Crack Resistance : It is the able to resist cracking with high flexural strength (>1300 Mpa)
Bio Compatibility : 25 Years of proven use in dentistry and other medical fields.
Accuracy of fit : CAD/CAM system guarantees the most accurate fit.


  • Crown & Bridges upto Anterior 4 Pontics, Posterior 3 Pontics
  • Irregular teeth Correction
  • Shade Correction
  • Primary telescope crowns
  • Crowns
  • Multi-unit bridges with max. 47 mm anatomical length
  • (with two pontics between the abutment crowns)
  • Inlay bridges

  • Inlay
  • Veneer
  • Bruxism
  • Refractory Parafunction
  • Individually milled implant abutments
  • Individually milled endodontic posts

PREPERATION GUIDELINE Chamfer, Shoulder with Rounded Axio-Cervical Line Angle

  • Pronounced chamfer
  • Shoulder preperation with rounded axio-cervical line angle

Circular Cutting Depth 1.0 mm

  • Use of rotary instruments with an average grit size of 30um for finishing the preparation.
  • The minimum wall thickness of the cervical region for veneering is 0.6mm,So maintain a circular marginal cutting depth of 1.0mm.

Avoid Frame work exposure.


  • Conventional or Adhersive
  • Cement used for conventional luting:
  • Zinc phosphate
  • Glass ionomer
  • Compomer cements
  • For Adhesive luting:
  • Panavia 21
  • Panavia F
  • For Provision Luting : Any temperory cement

Most durable and biocompatable material in the Industry – cercon

  • Natural Colour and shape
  • Cercon can offer great aesthetic
  • Advantage because the milled zirconium
  • oxide substructure is white in color